Utilizing Muscle Activation Techniques as the catalyst to our tailored 1 on 1 fitness training and Sports Performance programs designed to help clients improve their physical fitness, performance, and overall health.




Your body is amazing and it is yours to use. The purpose of your body is to give you FREEDOM AND TIME. When your body ceases to be young or healthy you lose your freedom. Without real health you will not have real freedom.  More time in a younger body is the most valuable asset you can have.

In time our bodies become a cage. They can imprison us with declining energy, restricted mobility, excess body fat and disease states like cancer. Eventually the body even restricts your identity. Real health is a power that gives you the freedom to control the things time steals; energy, weight, vitality and youth.

You were meant for more. IT’S TIME TO STOP SETTLING FOR LESS!


What is yours worth to you?

Ventura Training and Athletics is an organization that provides athletic training and coaching services to individuals of all ages and abilities. VTA offers a range of programs and services designed to help clients improve their physical fitness, performance, and overall health. Some of the specific activities and services provided by Ventura Training and Athletics include Personalized 1 on 1 training, Sports Performance training, Muscle Activation Techniques, etc.

Ventura Training and Athletics aims to help individuals reach their full potential by providing quality training and coaching services that focus on improving their physical fitness, health, and overall well-being.

fits you

We deal with many body
types, however here are 3 of the most common.


Are you..

– Scared to exercise because it always hurts?
– Lacking Confidence on how to progress?
– Not getting proper results no matter what you do?
– Frustrated from trying all types of workouts with no progress?
– Wanting results in minimal time?

VTA can help bring clarity to these questions!


Are you..

– Dealing with chronic pain?
– Frustrated because you’ve tried every modality (Physical therapy, Chiropractic, massage, etc) with no resolve?
– Hesitant to try something new because nothing has worked so far?
– Scared to trust your body because it’s been in pain for so long?
– Tired of living in this way?

VTA can help bring clarity to these questions!


Are you..

– Confused about what to do because of all the info that’s out there?
– Frustrated because you feel like your body is holding you back?
– Angry because you want to push harder but everytime you try it breaks down?
– Proactive and want your body performing at the highest level?
– Not wanting to waste time doing unnecessary work?

VTA can help bring clarity to these questions!

getting started
is easy


Give us a call to book your free consultation.

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Review and book your thorough evaluation with a VTA pro!


Begin your individualized program and start getting your freedom and time back!

is easy

Here at VTA we understand what you’re going through. What if I told you you didn’t have to deal with it anymore? We believe you were designed for more.
We get it, navigating your health and exercise can be frustrating and confusing. We’re here to simplify it for you.

Changing your life doesn’t need to be complicated. The hardest part is committing. Commit and start your own heath journey today!

restore, train, maintain

5) Let's go!

If everything is running smoothly and your body is telling us it’s ready to go…then we go!

4) modify

At any point along the way we are not seeing the progress we should, we modify the plan.

3) start training

Start your exercise process

1) evaluate

We start by gathering detailed information including a deep health history along with some biomechanical metrics to establish a starting point.

2) set a plan

Utilizing the info from the evaluation we lay out a number of plans based on your individual needs.

We put the
personal back
into personal

VTA is more than just a training studio, we are your
one stop shop for everything muscle related!

VTA is more than just a training studio, we are your 1 stop shop for everything muscle related!



what is mat?


MAT is a powerful tool to help achieve optimal muscle function, address the cause of muscle pain and promote healing for all age demographics. Benefits of MAT are:

– Improved Joint Stability
– Balanced Muscular System
– Restored Stability and Mobility
– Efficient Recovery
– Reestablished Neuro-Muscular Contraction

– Activated Inhibited Muscles
– Increased Strength
– Enhanced Coordination
– Improved Flexibility
– Lowered Risk of Injury
– Reduced Pain


Chronic pain

Some individuals may have tried traditional methods for pain management, such as medications and physical therapy, without success, and may be seeking alternative methods to help.


Some athletes and active individuals may have experienced recurrent chronic or acute injuries that were not fully resolved with traditional rehabilitation methods and may be seeking additional methods to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Post Surgery

Some individuals may have undergone surgery and still experience pain and discomfort, they then may be looking for other ways to manage their symptoms.


Some individuals may be referred to MAT by other healthcare professionals, such as physical therapists or chiropractors, who recognize its potential benefits and believe that it may be helpful for the individual’s specific condition.

Word of Mouth

Some individuals may hear about MAT from friends, family members, or acquaintances who have had positive experiences with it and may be seeking a similar solution.

Nothing Else Has Worked

Some individuals turn to MAT after exhausting all other resources in an effort to find an approach that can help them achieve their goals, alleviate their pain and discomfort, or improve their physical function.


We are trusted by the best in the business.

stay proactive.

Our members find us after they have tried everyting to help them solve their problems. Contact us now to get more information.


See What our clients have to say about us!

39 reviews on
Jack Forney
Jack Forney
They are rad!
John Lavallee
John Lavallee
I have been working with Jeff and Blair for a few years now and my athletic career has taken off. A few years ago my baseball career would have possibly ended due to an injury that didn't happen yet but it was on the horizon and Jeff basically made my body brand new and stronger than ever before.
Shane Cohn
Shane Cohn
I've been seeing Eric Bloom for about 4 months now. The results were immediate and continue to improve my physical health. I'm just a regular guy who plays golf from time to time, surfs now and again, but shoulder and back pain limited my ability to enjoy simple things. With Eric's help, my endurance, strength and flexibility have changed dramatically. Highly recommend MAT
Travis K
Travis K
Can’t say enough about this place. Jeff Wright and Eric Bloom are getting me stronger and fitter than I’ve felt in years. I am naturally starting to do things I haven’t been able to do in over a decade. I’m in my 40s and had been living with with back pain and recurrent injuries while trying to maintain an active life. If I went for a surf or run, it would be days of recovery and often a new injury. Daily foam rolling like crazy, lots of stretching, and always some nervousness about pain flaring during activities. Now I just go out and surf, and run, and am starting to bike again. Pain-free and smoothly! And not just do them, Do them hard and often multiple days in a row. It’s blowing my mind. My wife cannot believe it either. MAT has helped more than anything I’ve ever done. Jeff and Eric are the real deal. Worth every penny.
Keith Barton
Keith Barton
After playing high level baseball, basketball, tennis and golf for the last 35 years and being a stout individual, my body was falling apart even though I was doing what I was told from previous athletic trainers. Thru a comprehensive program working on my entire body, not just working on what was in pain, my entire body is functioning better than it was 30 years ago. Not only is the back, knee, arm and ankle pain gone, but I am much stronger than ever and am not worrying about what is going to break down next, instead I am pushing to new and higher limits. Blair is amazing at what he does and guides you thru the entire process. Jeff is the best athletic trainer out there and corrects you during the training process when you don't even realize that you are doing the exercise incorrectly. Long story short, if you want to be the best version of you, go see these guys.
Terri Barton
Terri Barton
Started seeing Blair and Jeff about six months ago. As a middle-aged athlete with lifelong back problems that have limited my participation in sports, I am now pain-free in that area and experimenting with increasing my number of days playing. I was a skeptic about MAT at first, but my husband, who has his own personal success story, urged me to try it. So glad I did. Blair and Jeff are not only consummate professionals, but also good conversationalists, which, for a workout hater like me, makes getting well more fun.
Dot Wilmeth
Dot Wilmeth
The Best! Blair and his team are extremely knowledgeable and skilled at using Muscle Activation Techniques. I drive 3+ hours to see Blair, and will continue to because of the results. I have experienced significant improvements in achieving full function and no pain over the past two years of treatment.
Jayme Garone
Jayme Garone
I have not only been learning soo much about my body, but my function has made huge improvements from range of motion and strength since I started with these guys. The pain in my leg has gone from a 9 to about a 4 on most days as well, which that alone makes them saviors to me.
becky varnum
becky varnum
I was suffering from arthritis in my hips and had a decreased range of motion. With MAT, I have gained back full range of motion and feeling pain free.
Jack Galanida
Jack Galanida
This is the place to be if you want to become the best version of yourself. These guys really know that they’re talking about, it is an experience like no other. I feel 10x better then when I first came in. The unique machines are the best way to train and get stronger. The environment is great as well everyone is rooting for you to get better.


sooner or later

have to find time for illness


Blair Ferguson

Owner of VTA
BS Kinesiology
MAT Neux Stim


Blair Ferguson

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Jeff Wright



Jeff Wright

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Eric Bloom



Eric Bloom

I started coming to VTA as a client in 2005 after a slew of injuries in high school. Since that time I played 4 years of college baseball and 3 seasons of independent minor league baseball, all non-contact injury free. After my career I coached college and youth baseball but started to see a bad trend in injury rates in young athletes. In 2019 I decided to further my education and become a MAT certified specialist so I can help clients live the life they want and do the things in it that make them happy.




Please do not hesitate to reach out
with any questions you may have regarding your pain or goals for full recovery. We know taking that first step towards change is difficult. We love to talk about ways to help!

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